His Excellency, Mr. Kwak Sung-Kyu, Ambassador of South Korea along with senior officer of KOICA visited in Ministry of Science and Technology

Friday, October 19, 2018

Federal Minister for Science and Technology, Mr. Mohammad Azam Khan Swati held a meeting with high ranking officers of KOICA alongwith Secretary, Ministry of Science and Technology and other senior officers of the Ministry. Korean Ambassador, His Excellency, Mr. Kwak Sung-Kyu also attended the meeting.

Federal Minister desired Korean delegation to chalk out avenues of mutual cooperation between two friendly countries, which may result prosperity of Pakistan and up-lifting of people of Pakistan. His Excellency, Ambassador ensured consistent cooperation, KOICA is already constructing state of the Art Solar PV testing laboratory in PCRET. In the second step, KOICA will provide assistance to Ministry of Science and Technology in development of Nanotechnology and Science Park.

Minister informed the participants that Pakistan is going to build its first ever Science and Technology Park at PCSIR, Lahore that will follow S&T Park at Karachi and so on. S&T Park is the place which harbour new scientific innovations.