Public Interest Services Offered by PCRET

PCRET has expertise, knowhow, infrastructure and capabilities of R&D and limited production facility in the field of renewable energy technologies/products such as Solar Cell, Solar Panel, Solar Thermal Products (Solar Cooker, Solar dryer, Solar Water Heater and Solar Desalination), Micro and Mini Hydro Power System, Biogas and Biomass Plants and Wind Energy technologies.

Following facilities/services are available for Students, Researchers, Developers and users of Renewable Energy products/technologies.

1. R&D Facility:

PCRET R&D Laboratories at its headquarter Islamabad offers R&D, development and training/capacity building related to Silicon Solar Cells, PV Modules and 3rd and 4th generation Solar Cell materials such as perovskite and quantum dot.

2. Promotion of Renewable Energy Technologies:

A Renewable Energy Technology Park has been established at PCRET Headquarter Islamabad, which includes; PV System, Solar Thermal, Biogas Plants, Wind Energy and Micro Hydro Plant, for promotion and training purposes.

3. Testing & QC Lab:

Has a Testing Lab in Islamabad, which provides testing/QC services (i.e. 6 basic and mandatory tests as per international IEC-61215 standard) for indigenously developed and imported Silicon Solar Cells &PV products.

4. Training

Provides training for capacity building and technical know-how to the public and private companies/organizations/academia through Seminars/Workshops/Conferences/Trainings in the field of renewable energy technologies.

5. Consultancy And Technical Evaluation Services:

Provide assistance, consultancy and technical evaluation of Renewable Energy projects.

6. Project Support & Coordination Centers:

Provide project support activities, promotion and coordination through its four (4) Regional Centers across the country i.e. at Lahore, Karachi, Peshawar and Quetta.

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