Pakistan Science Foundation (PSF)

PSF was established in 1973 through parliament. It is an Autonomous organization under the M/o Science & Technology. The main objectives are;

  • Promotion and funding of scientific research and related activities having bearing on socio-economic needs of the country
  • Popularization of science for the development of science culture in society

Subsidiary organizations of PSF are;

  • Pakistan Scientific & Technological Information Centre (PASTIC), Islamabad
  • Pakistan Museum of Natural History (PMNH), Islamabad

Following sections of PSF are actively involved in promotion and popularization of science for socio-economic up-lift of the country.

Research Support (RS) (Support Scientific Community)

Research Support programme is playing a pivotal role by providing financial assistance to universities and R&D organizations of the country to conduct research and other science promotional activities in various scientific disciplines under following programs;

  • Funding Under Research Support Programme
  • Funding Under R&D Industry Programme
  • Natural Science Linkage Programme
  • Inventions and Innovations Programme
  • Science Promotional Activities
  • Provision of Travel Grant for Participation of Scientists/Technologists to present their Research Work at International Forums
  • Provision of grant to the Scientific Societies

International Liaison (IL)

PSF has re-vitalized its international collaborations and embarked upon new linkages to harness potential of technologically advanced nations. Under “International Matching Grants” PSF has successfully launched projects with;

  • National Natural Science Foundation of China,
  • Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey,
  • Ministry of Science, Research and Technology, Iran,
  • National Science Foundation, Sri Lanka

Science Popularization (SP)

Science Popularization programme is to popularize & promote science among the students and common people through;

  • Mobile Science Labs.
  • Annual Essay and Poster Competition on scientific themes
  • Science Fairs
  • Celebration of World Science Day for Peace and Development
  • Inquiry Based Science Education
  • Establishment of Science Clubs
  • Participation of students in International Moots
  • Distribution of Scientific Literature
  • Popular Science Lectures
  • Science Center, Faisalabad

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