Public Interest Services Offered by NUST

NUST has been serving academia by providing world-class higher education for 27 years. Whereas NUST is primarily an Engineering & Technology university, over the years, it has made conscious efforts to become a multidisciplinary institution, with strengths in Engineering, Information Technology, Applied Biosciences, Management Sciences, Basic Sciences, Social Sciences & Humanities, and Art, Design & Architecture.

NUST Public Interest Services: 1. Providing quality higher education

NUST is a National University, providing higher education to 3 provinces of Pakistan, with 18 constituent institutions. NUST offers 124 academic programs, out of which 96 x programs are Post-Graduate level.

2. Promoting Innovation and Entrepreneurship

NUST, through its Technology Incubation Centre (TIC) where the budding entrepreneurs are nurtured with state of the art facilities, promotes innovation and entrepreneurship. TIC is Pakistan’s first university-based technology incubation centre and has currently 33 high-tech companies incubated, with 39 others graduated, contributing over USD 6 Million to the Pakistani economy.

3. Training industry professionals on contemporary areas

The Professional Development Centre (PDC) at NUST conducts various trainings and workshops. Till date, PDC has conducted more than 450 trainings and has trained 10,500+ professionals.

4. Promoting knowledge-based economy through STP

To strengthen University – Industry linkages, the National Science & Technology Park (NSTP) at NUST supports Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), facilitates and supports high-tech R&D, act as a knowledge hub and develop knowledge based multi-industry cluster. It further encourages technology-based economic growth. NUST also supplements Industrial needs of the country by the work of its researchers. It is Pakistan’s 1st university to license out its Intellectual Property (IP) to the industry. 05 x IPs have been licensed to industry, with significant advantages to the local economy, including import substitution and indigenization. NUST also works on collaborative research projects with Industry and inculcates updated Industry knowledge to its students. For University – Industry Collaborations, contact the Research, Innovation and Commercialization (RIC) office of the university at or through phone at 051-90856242.

5. Lending hands to financially challenged students

Through “NUST Endowment for Educational Development (NEED)” and the “Financial Self Reliance”, an Endowment Programme, in which 6 National and 4 international hubs have been created, more than 600 NUST partners and donors have supported the cause by sponsoring student scholarships, hostels & infrastructure, R&D projects and vocational trainings at NUST. 6. Green Environment

The lush green campus of NUST in Islamabad mesmerizes everyone who experiences its beauty and magnificence. As of today, with the support of environment friendly university management, about 300 acres of land are now green with approx 50,000 tree sapling and countless shrubs and vines.

7. Contributing towards Community Service

NUST brings the juvenile minds of university students and involve them in activities that prove vital for the betterment of society and change them into responsible citizens and leaders with a lifelong commitment to community service. NUST Community Services Club (NCSC) currently has more than 5,000 volunteers, which include students from all the NUST Schools who actively participate in community service activities including Flood relief efforts, relief efforts for IDPs (2014), earthquake relief campaign (2015), blood donation and tree plantation drives etc.

8. Education for All - Outreach Program for Balochistan & FATA

NUST being an all-inclusive university has initiated an inclusive outreach programme for students from underprivileged areas in order to enable them to compete with their counterparts and to prepare youth from remote areas for the highly competitive NUST Entry Test (NET). NUST launched the outreach program in 2017 and trained / prepared students for NET during 8 weeks preparatory classes. The outreach program is being expanded to other underprivileged areas of the country.

NUST is constantly injecting knowledge workers & workforce to Industry with the best graduates to the country, where more than 31,000 graduates are already serving best organizations / institutions of Pakistan as well as across 58 countries of the world.

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