Commercialization Cell, MoST

Science & Technology and Research & Development are important determinants of innovation and knowledge generation and need to be given greater emphasis. It is therefore essential that R&D programmes and activities lay major emphasis on development of commercially viable products and technologies transferable to industry and other stakeholders for socioeconomic uplift of the country, in terms of GDP, export enhancement, import substitution, promotion of industrial sector, revenue generation and poverty alleviation.

Ministry of Science & Technology (MoST) established the Commercialization Cell at MoST in March 2012 with an aim to promote demand driven research, innovation and commercialization of intellectual property of R&D organizations of MoST and enable them to contribute effectively in socioeconomic/ industrial development of the country.

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The Commercialization Cell, MoST has been given the mandate to guide, support and facilitate its R&D organizations for optimum utilization of their human and capital resources for:-

  • Developing linkages with industry & academia
  • Undertaking demand driven R&D
  • Development of import substitutes
  • Value addition in products/technologies, especially for exports
  • Entrepreneurship development
  • Transfer of technology to the local industry
  • Effective Publicity


The Commercialization Cell has undertaken a number of activities, which help R&D organizations to improve their performance in terms of research, innovation and commercialization as well as funds generation. The salient achievements of the Commercialization Cell are briefly given below:-

a. Development of Linkages among Research organizations, Industry and Academia:

The Commercialization Cell, taking proactive role has so far initiated different activities to fortify linkages of S&T organizations of MoST with industry and academia. This includes Focus Group Meetings with different industrial sectors, signing of MoUs with FPCCI and leading universities, formation of Working Groups for smooth implementation of the signed MoUs, arranging Science & Technology Exhibitions at main industrial hubs, etc. These activities helped promote interaction of S&T organizations, especially involved in research and development with SMEs and leading academic institutions. Now the R&D organizations and universities collaborate in the field of S&T and undertake various joint activities, sharing their human and material resources.

b. Identification of Demand Driven Projects/ Technical Assignments:

The Commercialization Cell has introduced the culture of demand driven research in R&D organizations of MoST. Resultantly, several demand driven research projects/ technical assignments of SME sector (such as value addition of their existing products, development of import substitutes, technical consultancy, repair/ maintenance and calibration of machinery & equipment, energy audit to conserve energy) have been identified and assigned to R&D organizations for their possible solutions. Most of these technical assignments generated through industrial interaction have been completed and this activity has been made a regular feature. It is pertinent to mention that in case of demand driven research projects, the concerned industry also contributed 10% of the cost of the project as seed money while the remaining funding was provided by Pakistan Science Foundation (PSF).

c. Entrepreneurship Development:

The Commercialization Cell is playing its due role for entrepreneurship development and commercialization of research outcome of R&D organizations of MoST through listed below strategy:-

  • Activation of Technology Business Incubation Centers (TBICs) in PCSIR Karachi, Lahore & Peshawar. TBICs at other R&D organizations have either been established or being planned.
  • Offering of technologies developed by R&D organizations for Prime Minister Youth Business Loan Scheme and preparation of their pre-feasibility reports.
  • The universities (especially those with whom MoUs have been signed) to work as nurseries for providing incubatees for the TBICs.
  • Establishing institutional linkages pursuing the concept of Public-Public Partnership to enhance capacity/ competitiveness and undertake collaborative research and commercialization activities.
  • Training of Scientists/ Technologists and relevant officers of R&D organizations in respect of planning, establishing and operating TBICs.

d. Effective Publicity:

In order to publicize the achievements and strengths of R&D organizations of MoST, the Commercialization Cell, MoST, have taken several tangible steps. Some of the on-going publicity activities include:-

  • Regularly publishing of its quarterly newsletter “S&T Biz” to share and project the on-going activities of S&T organizations among the stakeholders.
  • Preparation of a documentary film, covering achievements and available technical facilities of S&T organizations to publicize R&D potential and services being offered by them.
  • Organizing S&T Exhibitions to publicize the research outcome of S&T organizations and enhance their interaction with the industry, researchers, students and general public.
  • Improvement in the websites of MoST and its organizations.

Contact Persons attached with Commercialization Cell, MoST

A team of experts from various R&D organizations provides assistance to the Commercialization Cell in executing the Commercialization programme. The focal persons, whose list is given below, can be contacted for any relevant information and assistance. Websites of S&T organizations may be approached for obtaining information pertaining to their priority areas for R&D, services being offered and various technologies/ products/ processes available for commercialization.


Dr. Ahmad Bilal

Deputy Director

Commercialization Cell

Tel: +92 51 9206536


Mr. Tanveer Ahmad Khan

Deputy Director

Commercialization Cell

Tel: +92 51 9214453



Mr. Muhammad Kamran Bhatti

SRO, NIE/ Incharge

Commercialization Programme, Islamabad

Tel: +92 51 9257381, Cell: 0321 5092782



Dr. Sakhawat Ali

Director (P&D) PCSIR/ Incharge

Commercialization Programme, Lahore

Tel: + 92 42 99231579 


Engr. Liaqat Hussain

PE, PCSIR / Deputy Incharge

Commercialization Programme, Lahore

Tel: + 92 42 99230805, Cell: 0321 4177537



Engr. Anand Ram Gianchandani

OIC, PCSIR/ Incharge

Commercialization Programme, Karachi

Tel: +92 21 34641834, Cell: 0336 520368


Dr. Javed Aftab

SRO, NIO/ Deputy Incharge

Commercialization Programme, Karachi

Tel: +92 21 99251172-8, Cell: 0322 2640605



Ms. Ghazala Yasmeen Malik

Incharge, PASTIC/ Incharge

Commercialization Programme, Peshawar

Tel: +92 91 5704042, Cell: 03012 8966213


Mr. Farhan Nasir

ILO, PCSIR/ Deputy Incharge

Commercialization Programme, Peshawar

Tel: +92 91 9218174, Cell: 0333 3288887



Mr. Zaheer-ud-din

SO, PCSIR/ Incharge

Commercialization Programme, Quetta

Tel: +92 81 2011769, Cell: 0331 8077454