Legal Cell of the Ministry





Sr. Joint Secretary,(Admin)



Deputy Secretary(Admin)



Deputy Secretary (Org.)



Admin Officer (Legal) (Mr. M. Ahmad Iqbal )

Member / Secretary

The Organizations and Sections of MoST to whom the case relates shall provide a detail and draft para-wise comments along with concrete proposals to Legal Cell for further necessary action. 2. The said detail and para-wise comments should be prepared in a befitting manner alongwith correct information by all the concerned. It will be their responsibility to provide the supporting documents for appending as annexures with each case. 3. A hard as well as soft copy of the case should also be provided by the concerned to Legal Cell, MoST. 4. The Member/Secretary of Legal Cell shall vet the draft para-wise comments in the light of the information provided by the concerned Sections of MoST and its Organizations and submit the case to the respective member, who after examining the case shall submit the same to Chairman Legal Cell for his information and approval of Secretary, MoST. 5. It would be the responsibility of the concerned Organizations to detail their focal person to attend the Court proceedings of their cases and also to brief the case to the concerned DAG/ Standing Counsels prior to date of hearing