Electronic Wing

Headed by

Joint Electronics Adviser 

  1. Establishment of Science cities.
  2. Monitoring and evaluation of research and development works, including technical scrutiny of development projects, of assigned organizations, if required.
  3. Processing of National Assembly and Senate questions and matters of National Assembly Standing Committee (NASC) and Senate Standing Committee (SSC) on S&T related with organizations under Electronics Wing.
  4. Processing of NEPRA cases and NTISB advisories.
  5. Processing of Minutes/working papers of the Board meetings of AEDB, NCEAC, NITB, STEDEC, Behria University, Air University, SS-CASE-IT, NIE and PIEAS.
  6. Provision of comments on issues related to Electronics and Renewable Energy Technologies at different forums.

Technical matters of

  1. National Institute of Electronics (NIE)
  2. Pakistan Council of Renewable Energy Technologies (PCRET).
  3. Council for Works & Housing Research (CWHR)
  4. STEDEC Technology Commercialization Corporation (STCC) of Pakistan.
  5. National University of Technology (NUTECH)


Project Management & Monitoring Cell

Headed by Chief (P&D)

  1. Processing of PSDP Projects through DDWP/CDWP/ECNEC.
  2. Processing of release of funds of Development Budget.
  3. Preparation of Development Budget.
  4. Monitoring of Development Projects.
  5. Monitoring and evaluation of research and development works including scrutiny of development projects.
  6. Processing of PC-4 and PC-5.
  7. Quarterly review meeting with Ministry of Planning.
  8. Preparation of replies to National Assembly / Senate of Pakistan regarding development budget.
  9. Preparation of annual plan regarding development budget.
  10. Coordination with Ministry of Planning and Ministry of Finance as well as other concerned quarters regarding development budget of MoST

Certificaiton Incentive Programme

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Pensioner's Facilitation Centre

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Research & Development

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