Center for Belarus-Pakistan Science and Technology cooperation will be established under the statute signed between the two countries during 2nd meeting of Pakistan-Belarus joint commission on Science & Technology concluded on Friday, 23rd September 2016 at Ministry of Science & Technology.

26 September 2016

The Second meeting of Pakistan – Belarus Joint Commission on Science & Technology (JCST) was concluded on Friday, 23rd September, 2016 at Ministry of Science & Technology, Islamabad. The Statute for the establishment of Belarus-Pakistan Joint Centre for Science & Technology Cooperation was also firmed up. Under the scope of this statute, two Centers for Belarus-Pakistan Science & Technology cooperation are being established in both the Countries. The Belarusian branch will be operated through its state institution namely “Belarusian Institute of System Analysis and Information Support in Science & Technology (BellSA), whereas, the Pakistani branch will be operated through Pakistan Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (PCSIR).

The goals and scope of activities of the Centre are to assist the education institutions, research organizations, innovative and innovative-industrial enterprises of both the countries in expanding their business and academic relations and contract in the field of scientific and technological research. This will help the citizens of both the countries to excel in fields of science, technology and innovation on one hand while on the other hand, both the countries will be able to progress on scientific basis and compete with the developed countries in this domain specifically.

Ministry of Science & Technology , Pakistan has been active under the visionary leadership of the current Federal Minister Rana Tanveer Hussain. Since Rana Tanveer has joined this ministry, he has been actively involved in visiting various countries and inviting his counterparts from those countries where mutual cooperation can be extended in field of science, technology and innovation. The current political leadership fully understands the necessity of science and technology for national progress. This Joint Commission and its latest proceedings is one of the many examples where the resolve of Government, to uplift science and technology sector in Pakistan, is depicted.

Besides members of the delegation from both countries, Mr. Fazal Abbas Maken, Secretary, Ministry of Science & Technology and H.E. Mr Andrey Ermalovich, Ambassador of Republic of Belarus to Pakistan also witnessed the signing ceremony.

In the meeting, decisions of the 2nd session of JCST were concluded, whereas, next year executive Program of Cooperation (PoC) between both the countries was also finalized. At the end, both the entities ensured their full support & cooperation for the promotion of Science and Technology between the two countries.


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