PCSIR has come a long way but still needs to improve further in order to exploit their full potential.

Friday, November 4, 2016

“PCSIR has struggledduring the past few years in overcoming many internal &external issues. But at the moment we are looking forward to having a better developed and improved organization under the visionary leadership of the Federal Minister, Rana Tanveer Hussain with support of the Government of Pakistan.” Dr Shahzad Alam was briefing the Federal Minister for Science and Technology on one (01) year performance of the organization.

It ispertinent to mention here that PCSIR is the attached organization of Ministry of Science &Technology and deals with scientific & industrial research whereby providing services to private sector in terms of quality control& Quality assurance,consultancy developing& utilization of chemicals formula, technology and recourses for local industry etc. This will help in enhancement of industrial exports and also lessen their dependency on imported and expensive technology on raw material. This will not only help to improve overall quality of their products but also be cost effective.

PCSIR Chairman also informed the Federal Minister, Rana Tanver Hussain that PCSIR Quetta center has been functioning now after a period of 7 years. It remained almost non-functional mainly due to security situation in Quetta and some other internal issues.PCSIR is actively playing its role in providing better skilled and equipped man- power to the industry some of the steps taken in this regard is the registration of 65 students from Baluchistan in collaboration with Baluchistan-TEVTA. By providing training to them PCSIR is producing skillful human resources.Moreover, the current Chairman PCSIR, Dr. Shahzad Aalam has initiated a new scheme by the name of “Adopt 1 Child” whereby industrialistsare encouraged to afford the study expenses and stipend of minimum 1 child.This scheme is taking roots gradually and has resulted in educational adoption of 42 deserving kids in PCSIR Lahore Center.

Rana Tanveer Hussain, Federal Minister for S&T was also informed that PCSIR as an organization is working very hard in developing and regaining confidence of industries. This has resulted in receiving solid donations from the industries in shape of equipment, software, space etc.  It is pertinent to mention here that no monetary donations are neither offered nor accepted at PCSIR.

PCSIR has also successfully managed to formulate value-added products from local herbs and vegetables including herbal medicines for cure of cancer, cholesterol, diabetes and other cosmetic products. They have also prepared all natural food / nutrition supplement for kids.

An overall improvement of 32.15% was reported in revenue generation of the Organizations. It was reported to be Rs. 259.919 Million for the Financial Year 2015-16 in comparison to Rs. 196.690 Million generated during the previous FY 2014-15. The Chairman PCSIR hoped to improve these revenue generations further in the current FY.

At the end of the exhaustive and interactive meeting, Rana Tanveer Hussain, Federal Minister for Science and Technology applauded the efforts of the Chairman PCSIR and his team, on their achievements. The Federal Minister also encouraged them to set and achieve the target of generating revenue of worth Rs. 350 Million by the end of this year FY i.e. 2016-17. He also directed the Secretary MoST Mr. Fazal Abbas Maken and the Chairman PCSIR Dr. Shahzad Aalam to leave no stone unturned to uplift and enhance the production capacity of the organization.  Rana Tanveer Hussain, Federal Minister for Science and Technology assured the head of organization of his Ministry’s full moral and administrative support when and where ever required.

Federal Minister for Science and Technology took strict notice of the internal matters of the organizations and directed the concerned quarters to reorganize the structure of organization so that maximum output can be achieved from this organization. 

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